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UAE/TRAVELApril 18, 2024

Dubai Airport Operations Disrupted: 1,244 Flights Cancelled Due to Heavy Rains

Writen by Gulf Time Media LLC

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The recent heavy rains in Dubai have caused significant disruptions at Dubai International Airport (DXB), impacting both inbound and outbound flights. According to a Dubai Airports spokesperson, a total of 1,244 flights were cancelled, and 41 were diverted over a span of two days, leading to operational challenges and delays for passengers.

The adverse weather conditions resulted in runway flooding, prompting the airport to take swift measures to address the situation. Terminal 1, which had faced operational disruption, has now resumed partial operations for arrivals, marking a step towards normalizing airport activities.

Dubai Airports is actively collaborating with strategic partners and local authorities to mitigate the impact of this crisis and expedite the recovery of normal operations within the next 24 hours. Passengers are advised to check their flight status with airlines before coming to Terminal 1, as re-booking facilities are limited.

Inbound flights of international airlines operating from Terminal 1 have resumed, although delays and disruptions persist due to the aftermath of the heavy rains. Passengers are urged to visit Terminal 1 only if they have a confirmed flight booking, as operational challenges continue to be addressed.

Emirates airline, along with other carriers, extended the suspension of check-in services for departing passengers, highlighting the operational challenges faced by airlines during this period. Foreign airlines such as EgyptAir and SriLankan Airlines also temporarily suspended flights until the situation improved at the flooded runway.

The unprecedented weather conditions, which saw the UAE experiencing its heaviest rain in 75 years, not only impacted air travel but also caused flooding in residential areas across Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and other regions. The government's encouragement for private sector entities to allow employees to work from home reflects the widespread disruptions caused by the weather.

As the UAE continues to recover from this weather event, passengers are advised to stay updated with the latest flight information and follow guidelines issued by airlines and airport authorities to minimize inconvenience during travel.