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UAE/DUBAIApril 15, 2024

Dubai's New Tunnel Project to Ease Traffic: Al Khaleej Street Tunnel

Writen by Gulf Time Media LLC

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Dubai is set to embark on a transformative infrastructure project aimed at enhancing connectivity and alleviating traffic congestion. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently awarded the contract for the Al Khaleej Street Tunnel Project, marking a significant step forward in the city's ongoing development efforts.

The Al Khaleej Street Tunnel, stretching an impressive 1.6 kilometers and featuring six lanes, is strategically positioned to streamline traffic flow between key residential areas. This ambitious initiative will extend from the Infinity Bridge ramp in Deira to the intersection of Al Khaleej and Cairo Streets, addressing longstanding traffic challenges in the region.

One of the primary objectives of the tunnel is to improve connectivity for several prominent neighborhoods, including Abu Hail, Al Wuheida, Al Mamzar, Dubai Islands, Dubai Waterfront, Waterfront Market, and Al Hamriya Port. By facilitating smoother transit routes, the project aims to enhance accessibility and convenience for residents and commuters alike.

The oversight of this project falls under the purview of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai, underscoring its strategic importance and high-level endorsement.

According to Mattar Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority, the Al Khaleej Street Tunnel Project is an integral component of the broader Al Shindagha Corridor Improvement Project. This extensive undertaking encompasses a range of initiatives aimed at enhancing transportation infrastructure and optimizing urban mobility across Dubai.

The scope of the Al Khaleej Street Tunnel Project is comprehensive, with key highlights including:

  1. Facilitating free traffic flow from the Infinity Bridge towards Deira and vice versa.
  2. Converting the intersection of Cairo and Al Wuheida Streets from a roundabout to a signalized intersection, enhancing traffic management efficiency.
  3. Enhancing Cairo Street and establishing connectivity from the Dubai Islands bridge ramp to the new tunnel on Al Khaleej Street northward.

The Al Shindagha Corridor Improvement Project, of which the Al Khaleej Street Tunnel is a crucial part, spans 13 kilometers along Sheikh Rashid Road, Al Mina Street, Al Khaleej Street, and Cairo Street. This comprehensive initiative includes the upgrade of 15 intersections and is poised to benefit numerous residential and developmental communities, including Dubai Islands, Dubai Waterfront, Dubai Maritime City, and Mina Rashid.

Importantly, the project's impact extends beyond immediate traffic relief, with projections indicating a significant reduction in travel times. By 2030, travel times along the corridor are expected to decrease from 104 minutes to just 16 minutes, marking a substantial improvement in overall transportation efficiency and commuter experience.

In addition to the Al Khaleej Street Tunnel Project, the RTA is actively engaged in other critical infrastructure endeavors. Currently underway is a 4.8-kilometer improvement project on Sheikh Rashid Street, encompassing the construction of three bridges and extensive roadway enhancements. These initiatives are designed to accommodate growing traffic demands, enhance connectivity, and promote sustainable urban development.

The ongoing efforts by the RTA underscore Dubai's commitment to innovation, efficiency, and enhancing the quality of life for its residents and visitors. The Al Khaleej Street Tunnel Project, along with complementary infrastructure initiatives, represents a significant stride towards a more connected, accessible, and vibrant cityscape.