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UAE/WEATHERApril 16, 2024

UAE Faces Infrastructure Challenges After Record Rainfall

Writen by Gulf Time Media LLC

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently encountered unprecedented rainfall, marking a historic event in its modern history. The aftermath has seen residents grappling with disrupted services, including electricity, internet, and water supply, particularly in areas heavily impacted by the heavy rains.

Reports from Sharjah and Dubai reveal significant challenges faced by communities as a result of the deluge. Many buildings, villas, and townhouse complexes have been left without electricity, creating widespread inconvenience and safety concerns.

In the Al Majaz Area of Sharjah, some apartment blocks have been without power and internet connectivity since the early hours of the day due to flooding that commenced on Tuesday afternoon. Residents are coping with the situation as best as they can, with some expressing their struggles and limitations.

Umm-e-Aiman, a resident of Sharjah, shared her experience of being without electricity, internet, and water supply. She highlighted the difficulties in accessing essential services and navigating flooded roads, making it challenging to even reach nearby facilities like hypermarkets.

Similarly, Poonam Chawla, a resident of Mudon in Dubai, mentioned the lack of internet connectivity since Tuesday evening, adding to the community's challenges. The situation has disrupted daily routines and impacted activities such as online learning for children, with many unable to attend virtual classes due to the infrastructure issues caused by the heavy rains.

The challenges faced by residents underscore the importance of robust infrastructure and emergency preparedness in dealing with extreme weather events. While efforts are underway to restore services and normalcy, the impact of the recent rainfall serves as a reminder of the resilience required in facing such natural occurrences.